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BTA is a family, and talent and diversity are its pulse. Our diverse family of talented men, women and children is a rich gumbo of ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds, ages, languages and creative gifts. A gumbo is all about the roux, and one of the key ingredients that makes ours so exceptional is diversity.

Southern Hospitality

We know the difference between a bagel and a beignet. At BTA, hospitality isn't a nicety - it's a fundamental aspect of our work ethic. At BTA relationships are #1. Every BTA family member is important to us and deserves our attention, our interest and our encouragement. We take a personal interest in every client's needs, providing professional guidance, support and promotion every step of the way. At BTA we work closely with our talent and make sure they get the feedback they need to be their very best. Whether it's help with their headshots or assisting them with filming their audition tape, we understand "it takes a village" to become a working actor and we strive to foster an enviroment of teamwork and encouragement.

We Make the Connection

We excel at building long term, dependable relationship with our clients, Casting Directors and Directors. We listen carefully to Casting Director’s needs and desires of and we thoughtfully recommend individuals from our roster to create the perfect fit. We don’t “throw spaghetti on the wall to see if it will stick” we listen, pay attention to details such as: budget, character breakdown, region and most importantly, respect for Casting Director’s valuable time.

A SamplingBTA Talent

Timeca Seretti


Chip Llorens


Karen Kaia Livers

Kaia Livers

Bobbie Grace


Jamie Bernadette




Peggi Schott


Fred Redbean Plunkett

Fred 'Redbean'

Chris Labadie


Paul Gregory


JT Rowland


Troy Hogan


Larry Yazzie


"You can call our personal style old-fashioned.
We call it Lagniappe."
{lagniappe: an unexpected bonus;
a little something extra}

Past and currentOur clients

Warner Brothers
The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead
Black or White
Black or White
True Detective
True Detective
Vampire Diaries
The Vampire Diaries
Fantastic 4
Fantastic 4
99 Homes
99 Homes
The Originals
The Originals
AMC - Turn
American Horror Story
American Horror Story

"What a difference it made to work with Jennifer and BTA talent. Their professionalism and human touch was clear every step of the way.
Truly top notch."
— Casting Director, New Orleans

It all starts with Hello...Jennifer Michelle

“My goal is to be the spark that ignites the dreams of our talent and helps them further their careers”
- Jennifer Michelle

Boutique Talent Agency’s founder, Jennifer Michelle, was born and raised in Houston, Texas and often spent her free time enjoying the rich culture of neighboring New Orleans, Louisiana.  After graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in Psychology and Marketing and postgraduate studies at the University of Illinois in International Business, Jennifer built a highly successful sales career utilizing her keen business skills and becoming a vital business partner with many of the largest Fortune 500 companies.  She has also committed time and energy in non-profit roles, including the founding of Nola’s Angels, which raises funds through live arts to provide philanthropic support for organizations and ideas that contribute to the health and vitality of communities.  Her passion for people and the arts segued into a second career managing actors and musicians.  Her creativity and business background, coupled with her eye for talent and a strong desire to help people make their dreams come true were a recipe for success.    Not surprisingly, the list of clients expanded quickly.  BTA was formally established in 2013, and is now one of Hollywood South’s premier talent agency with offices in Houston and New Orleans. The agency’s talent spans from the Pacific to the Atlantic with focus in the Southeast United States with major markets in Texas, Louisiana and Georgia.  From reels, head shots, auditions and deadlines to promoting her talent and negotiating contracts—Jennifer Michelle is a hands-on professional. Known for her responsiveness, reliability and professionalism, she's raised the level of expectation in the talent industry.

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